RAM Apacer Commando 2666Mhz (tản nhiệt gai cao - chip nhớ hynix - 2666-3466Mhz)

Giá: 1,588,000 VNĐ

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Apacer Commando

There are a lot of excellent DDR4 kits on the market right now, with all kinds of crazy designs, RGB lighting, and more. However, few come more impressive than the new Commando DDR4 kit from Apacer. Not only is it packing their Armoury heatsink design, but it’s also one of the fastest consumer kits we’ve tested. The Commando comes with a stock XMP profile of 3466 MHz, so you know it’s going to be swift in our benchmarks today.

“Featuring outstanding frequency up to 3466MHz with low consumption at only 1.35V ensures gamers staying one step ahead of the rivals.” – Apacer

Armory Design

The Armoury design is part of the Apacer Commando series. Some of their other products have a gun theme, and this is no exception. There’s a semi-automatic rifle body printed into the heat sink, with the rail on the top, and even some iron sights. Without a doubt, this is going to look badass in your next gaming build.

“COMMANDO DDR4 gaming and overclocking memory module with weapon-styled design brings a real body blow to your opponents.” – Apacer

Product Trailer

“Inspired by assault rifle, the heat spreader design features a distinctive tactical rail which comes with effective heat dissipation. With COMMANDO DDR4 at your disposal, you will enjoy the exciting game play.” – Apacer


There are a few kits available in this range, but as you can see, we have the top kit rated at 3466 MHz, albeit the 16 GB not the higher 32 GB configuration.