Logitech G304 Wireless - Sensor Hero

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G304 - Improvements


Logitech’s new G305 wireless mouse is the latest entry in the company’s lineup of gaming mice, and it brings the company’s top-of-the-line HERO optical sensor to a more budget-priced device.

At $59.99, the G305 is definitely on the cheaper end of Logitech’s price range, and you’ll only find the more basic features of a mouse here: six programmable buttons (counting the left click, right click, and scroll wheel), and no fancy LED lights. But for what you’re paying, you’re getting some pretty advanced tech.

First off is the aforementioned HERO sensor, which is Logitech’s new flagship sensor from its top-of-the-line mice, offering 200–12,000 DPI tracking along with dramatically improved power efficiency that Logitech claims offers 250 hours of gameplay on a single AA battery.

Additionally, the G305 uses Logitech’s Lightspeed wireless tech (you’ll need to use the included USB dongle that stows away inside the mouse), which offers a 1ms report rate for users worried about lag in competitive play. The company also offers an “Endurance” option, which raises report rate up to 8ms, but extends battery life to up to nine months.

The Logitech G305 will be available sometime later this month 

If you are reading this Logitech:

  1. Cut the crap, awkward design. Distribute the weight evenly. G303 Shape is fine other than the two bumps sticking out its sides.

  2. Stop the f'n braided cords. It makes no sense on a 130+ gram mouse, let alone 87g. Figure something else out to make the mouse look premium, without impairing performance.

  3. Scrollwheel can be a bit more premium, like G502, but no plastic crap.

4a. Design a FLAT bottom. Around the sensor skate/feet should NOT be necessary. We shount have to polish the base to make it mirror flat...

4b. With a design like the G303, you want the mouse skates/feet to be as far outwards as possible to remain the highest amount of stability.

4c. You left like 2mm at each side of the mouse edges by void space. Makes zero sense to do on a mouse bottom which is less wide than the rest of the mouse.

4d. Use Round skates like hyperglides, or even better two big pads like the Zowie's use (EC2-A anyone), now THATS a stable mouse base.

4e. Make the bottom wider for stability sake.

  1. Stop making sensors wobble, who cares about the best sensor in the world of it has to be glued like a kid.

  2. If all this gets corrected you will retain a loyal customer.